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What Laundry Service is Right For You

Updated: May 26

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So you know you need to get started on professional laundry services in San Diego. Congrats! Your life is about to get a lot easier, you have one less thing to manage, and your clothes are going to stay looking new. That being said, now is the time to figure out what kind of laundry service you need. Does anyone even know what dry cleaning is? What even is a launder & press?


Don’t worry, this is what we’re here for. Having a multitude of options to choose from is a good problem to have! But sometimes it can be overwhelming to have to figure out which laundry service is right for you. We’re going to explain all the basics of laundry service options so you can get a better understanding about the best options for your clothing. 

Wash & Fold

Machine Wash  |  Machine Dry  |  Hand Fold

This is a standard, basic service to know about. This is an everyday laundry service for laundry that can go in a regular old washing machine. Practically anything in your hamper can go through the wash and fold process. Dirty socks, tees, sweats, leggings, delicates, even towels and sheets.

It’s always a struggle to have to figure out how to sort all these different items. You surely don’t want to ruin your clothing items! But don’t worry about messing this up. Not only will we pick up your laundry, we will sort it for you to ensure your laundry’s getting the treatment it deserves. You can forget about guessing how to presort based on the labels. All your clothes will be washed properly with the correct washing and drying temperature and intensity. Don’t forget about comforters, pillows, duvet covers, and sheets; we got those too! 

Wash & Hang Dry

Machine Wash  |  Air Dry  |  Hand Fold

The wash and hang dry option is perfect for delicates and also all types of your clothing. It is especially essential for things that should definitely not endure heat, such as undergarments, activewear, swimwear, jeans and other delicate items. Your favorite leggings, nylon spandex (the stuff your swimsuits are made out of) and lacey items, and natural fiber knits can lose their shape when in a hot dryer. Skipping the dryer and hanging these items is much safer for your laundry items that are a little bit more finicky. Not only that, it’s gentler on the planet too! Anytime you skip the dryer you save energy and reduce your carbon footprint. 

Launder & Press

Machine Wash  |  Machine Dry  |  Press  |  Hang or Fold

So what really is a launder and press you might ask? Well, it’s the perfect solution for all your dress shirts, business clothes, and button downs. When we prepare your clothes for launder and press, we pre-spot for stains, wash in natural detergents, and tumble dry for just a bit before placing the slightly damp clothing into a pressing machine. This machine gets wrinkles out and gives you a crisp, new looking piece of clothing! Now we can fold or hang up your item (your choice!) and send it off to be made back to its home.

Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is what you probably think of when you hear, “laundry services”. So what is dry cleaning? Well, to be honest, a little bit of liquid solvent is involved, so it’s not a completely dry process. To break down the process, we check for places that need some work like missing buttons, undone seams, loose threads, etc. Then, we pretreat stains and place your items into an eco-friendly machine. We spin your items around for a bit to loosen any dirt or stains, then we rapidly spin your clothes, and finally blast some warm air. And that’s it! Your clothes are ready to be back to your closet. 


What exactly should be dry cleaned? Pretty much any fabrics that can shrink, lose shape or color, or distort after a wash should be dry cleaned. For example, wools, linens, silk, and synthetics are good candidates for dry cleaning. Any items that have delicate features like lace, buttons, or embellishments like sequins are also the perfect fit for dry cleaning. Items that contain structure like fitted dresses or blazers with shoulder pads are essential for dry cleaning too. If you’re not sure, just ask! We will be able to figure out the perfect option for your clothing. 

So there you have it! A comprehensive breakdown of what laundry options to choose from. Legacy Cleaners works to make your life simpler; it’s our bread and butter honestly. It’s what we strive to do: make your to-do list a little shorter and your days a little simpler. If you are apprehensive about laundry services or wondering, “what laundry services are right for my clothing?”, leave the guessing for us. We will make sure to not only clean your clothes, but to give you clothes an even better treatment than you could give them yourself! Reach out today to see what the right options are for you.

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